Special Projects

An Innovative LMS

The Frog platform will transform learning and development, outreach and corporate compliance in your organisation, our LMS is designed to be easy-to-use, flexible and effective.

Transformational technology


Frog was born into education and the benefits that it presented to schools worldwide were soon sought by other sectors too. In response to this our technology has evolved to deliver not only exceptional training and corporate compliance but many more applications beside.



Frog is proud to work with leading organisations to deliver rich arts, culture, social and educational platforms as part of their outreach and service programmes. Learn more about the projects that we have been working on...


Creating wonderful memories

50 Things To Do is about helping parents develop their home learning environment so that far more children join Reception with improved literacy levels and language skills!

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ACT Awareness e-learning

ACT Awareness e-learning is a new counter-terrorism awareness product that provides nationally accredited guidance and is designed for all UK based organisations and individuals.

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The Endeavour programme

Kew wanted to expand their outreach work and grow the relationship that they could have with schools. Additionally, they wanted to support schools both before and after they have been onsite.



On demand. In schools.

The National Theatre's award-winning streaming video service for  Primary and Secondary schools in the UK. Acclaimed productions available to stream, each recorded in HD in front of a live audience. 



Australia’s only national youth theatre

ATYP wished to grow its reach into schools, ensuring Australia’s youth has every opportunity to experience and develop a love for theatre. The platform increased their ability to stream and store online resources.